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I've been interested in morse code since I was very young and was perhaps one of the last to take the amateur radio testing on morse in the United States (the day before the morse requirement was waived.) I think there are a lot of practical uses for morse code in todays world and ringtones for phones are one area that it just seems to make sense to me. With traditional music ringtones I sometimes struggle with labeling a person with a song. Seriously, I remember spending a whole afternoon once trying to pin down songs to people in my contacts. I think I got two or three setup. My phone can read the caller id, but I don't particularly like that read out loud all the time where everyone will know exactly who is calling me.

So, I came up with the "what if".... of "what if my phone could tell me in morse code the name of the caller?" That would be really useful, not only would I have a VERY easy way to assign ringtones, but I'd know who was calling, practice my morse code abilities and others would probably have no clue who was calling me.

What if you don't know morse code? Go away.... no seriously, I've designed mp3 ringtones at 4 different speeds for each name. The very slow speed it's easy to hear each letter. For those of you that don't know, morse code is an interpretation of letters in dits or short sounds and dah's or long sounds. Sometimes people represent them in text with periods and hyphens like so: .- (dit-dah) (that's the letter a by the way.) There's a space between letters and I think even if you don't know morse you'll probably start to learn it if you use these as ringtones.

I've throttled the number and rate of downloading allowed because I don't want people to simply leech the entire content. The downloads here are free, but if you want the whole collection I encourage you to purchase the digital download hosted by lulu.com (or purchase the collection on a cd via lulu.com) (Links to come in the near future.) If there's a name you're interested in seeing, please let me know via the contact form and I'll add it in. In the future I hope to piece together a way for visitors to make a specific ringtone from the web interface.