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This page will let you generate your own MP3 file to be a morse code ringtone.
Please read the directions first, then scroll to the form.

This form understands standard ascii text and numbers (yes you can leave a space to make a space between words.)

It's also possible to generate a prosign by enclosing multiple letters within angle brackets like.... <SK>
A prosign is essentially the characters "smushed" together with no spacing between the letters

In the future we may offer faster speeds.

The frequency choice is more or less for fun the usual pitch that you hear for morse code is between 600 and 800 hz.
The default frequency is 800 (the same as for the generated ringtones on this site.)

After generating the ringtone you will be presented with a download link (if there were valid text characters in your input) and other users will be able to download it from the User Submitted Ringtones page.

Text to Generate your morse code mp3 :
slow (5WPM/15 Farnsworth)
medium (12WPM/18 Farnsworth)
fast (18WPM)
veryfast (20WPM)
superfast (25WPM)
hyper (30WPM)
hyper35 (35WPM)
hyper40 (40WPM)
blistering (50WPM)
insane (60WPM)
Repeat: Choose the number of times to repeat (you probably want to leave it at one or two times for the slow morse